31 freeware graphics software (part 2)
12. Sumo Paint - a browser-based application for creating graphic design If you want to start working with images in a browser, Sumo Paint will help with this. It can…

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16 best examples of website homepage design (part 3)
14) Basecamp For a long time, Basecamp pages have been amazing and here you can understand why. They always have spectacular headlines and clever animations; The call to action is…

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How to combine a car and a new background in Photoshop
In this guide, I will tell you how to turn a simple photo of a car into something impressive. As well as how to choose a new background and place…

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How to choose the right color scheme for the site? (part 5)

Type 2 – Corporate sites and services
When creating a corporate resource, one goal is pursued – the promotion of goods or services.

Depending on what the purpose of your site is, the background color should be different.

Brand promotion
If you want to create a memorable image of the company, use different shades of the prevailing color or brand color for the background.

This is because color directly affects brand recognition (remember the example of Coca-Cola?) When you use different shades of color for your brand as a background, you enhance it and make it more memorable for customers. Continue reading

Complete Web Animation Guide (part 2)

Step 23
Using the Angle tool, drag the lower left point of the black rectangle to round a sharp corner. Using the “Select Site” tool, drag this point right up:
Step 24
To make the brochure your own, change the blending mode of the black rectangle to Soft Light. This will make it half transparent:
Step 25
Add a new layer. Activate the Brush tool and select a soft round brush. Set its size to 1300 pixels, the color of the brush is white, the opacity is 30%. Press 2-3 times in the area of ​​the blue curved shape. This will create a soft white lighted area:
Step 26
Select the five layers you just created, and then group them. Rename the group to “front shape”. Remember to save the document (File> Save): Continue reading

How to become a web designer

In this article we will tell you how to become a web designer and what you need to know and be able to do.
Web design is an exciting and demanded specialty in the 21st century. It can also become very profitable, but to get a high income requires experience and a solid portfolio.

The path to becoming a web designer can be quite thorny. At a certain point, you may realize that you do not know in which direction to move on to achieve success in this profession.

Do I need to learn web programming skills? Will watching educational videos be enough to get a job as a web designer, or is it better to get an official education in web design?

We decided to create a step-by-step guide on what needs to be done to become a web designer. Continue reading

How to choose the right color scheme for the site? (part 3)
Step 2. In the upper left side you will see a rectangle with the following color schemes: Sequential; Monochrome Triangular; Complementary; Compound Shades. Choose a color scheme Experiment with different…


16 best examples of website homepage design (part 2)
5) Dropbox (Business) This is a striking example of providing site support for different audiences. It differs from the main page, which was originally created for the consumer (see above).…


How to change eye color using Photoshop
How to change eye color in Photoshop Step 1: Zoom In Select the Scale tool in the toolbar: Select the Zoom tool Press the area between the eyes several times…


How to unlock an “index” layer in Photoshop
When you start learning Photoshop, you may encounter some problems that are just crazy. Especially when you open an image, but find in the palette of layers that it is…