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Create a double stroke effect in Photoshop

In today’s guide, I would like to tell how to stroke the text in Photoshop.

Photoshop layer styles let you easily add shadows, glows, outlines, color overlays, and more. Combining these effects, you can design texts, shapes and other elements in the image. In older versions of Photoshop, you could add only one shadow, only one stroke effect, and this created certain limitations. Today in Photoshop CC, you can apply the same style an infinite number of times, and that is what we will do today.

We will add a double outline to the same text. Let’s find out how to do it.
Create an empty document in Photoshop, and give it a size of 1000 by 500 pixels. For this example, we will use simple graphics for the web, and therefore the document resolution will be 72ppi. If you plan to print this work, then do not forget to set the resolution to 300ppi;
Now you need to add the text. I used a free font called Folk. Although, for example, any bold font is suitable.
Select the Text tool by pressing the T key, or select it in the toolbar:
In the options panel, which should appear at the very top of the window, set the size to 280 pt (if you use a different font, the size may be different). Set light blue color (# 0099ff):

To change the color of text in Photoshop, click on the colored square in the options panel, after which the color palette opens:

Once you understand the settings, move the input focus to the document and write some text:

After that, click on some other layer or on the checkmark in the options panel:

Create a layer style
Now for the beautiful text you just created in Photoshop, you need to apply the Stroke style. Click on the text layer and make sure it is selected. Then click on the “Add Layer Style” icon at the very bottom of the panel. In the drop-down list, select “Stroke”:

You will see a dialog box with style settings. Do not forget to tick the “View” option to see the changes you make. Set the size to 5px.
Switch “Position” to “Inside”.

Blending mode is set to “Normal” and “Opacity” to 100%. As the color, choose white:
Now the text in Photoshop looks a little strange, because it is located on a white background, and at the same time has a white stroke. Next, we will add another stroke, and everything will become much more interesting.
Click the name of the Stroke style next to it. Set the size to 8px. Set “Position” to “Outside”.
Leave the blending mode at “Normal” and the opacity level at 100%. Set the color to light blue (# 0099ff8):
In principle, you can finish at this stage, since everything looks quite attractive, but I would like to add some shadows.
Do not click OK for now. In the menu on the left side, click on the Shadow style. Let’s add a small shadow of the same color as the text, but so that it is slightly offset. Set the blending mode to “Multiply”. We use the same color – # 0099ff8. Such a shadow will look more attractive than a weighty black.
We set the opacity level to 100%.
Within this example, any casting angle of a shadow is suitable.
We set the offset to 10px.
10% span
Size 10%:

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