How to become a web designer
In this article we will tell you how to become a web designer and what you need to know and be able to do. Web design is an exciting and…

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How to unlock an “index” layer in Photoshop
When you start learning Photoshop, you may encounter some problems that are just crazy. Especially when you open an image, but find in the palette of layers that it is…

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How to install Photoshop plugins
Launching the plugin installer Most Photoshop plugins now have an installer that automatically finds Photoshop plugin folders and installs the plugin. You should always try to run the installer first:…

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Corel Painter vs Photoshop: Digital Painting Comparison (part 2)

When the background image is completed, the next step is to refine the shape of the main objects of the composition, add colors and increase contrast, as well as add finishing touches and details.

This means brushing. Painter has a longer history of creating natural looking brushes, so it can offer designers and artists a lot more. A particularly useful Corel Painter tool, in my opinion, is the Blender Category.

Painter blenders really mix different colors. Photoshop blending works just like their Finger tool, which is similar to Smear Variant in the Blender Category section of Corel Painter. This is a good option. But he is only one, while Corel Painter offers a large number of different options:
An extensive library of Corel Painter brushes offers both traditional and digital color styles. Some brushes apply color. Some mix colors or shift existing shades. This is only part of them:
Photoshop also has a large number of digital painting brushes, and you can even create your own. The program has two options for using brushes: using the Brush tool and using the Brush Mixer tool.
The parameters of the Brush tool make it possible to apply colors differently. The Mix Brush tool options offer ways to apply colors and then mix them:

In the process of creating digital graphics, sometimes it becomes necessary to balance the image. Some areas appear too intensely shaded, too dark or too light. Both programs provide the ability to lighten and darken colors, as well as change them. But from my own experience I can say that Adobe Photoshop does it faster and more accurately, and also provides more control over the process.
Often I have to make the picture brighter in Photoshop, using adjustment layers for this with blending modes “Lighten the base” or “Multiplication” and masks. Or add specific colors using the Brush tool.

I am convinced that a true artist will find a way to draw using everything that is available – leaves tied to a stick, pieces of charcoal, Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter:

I have many friends of artists! Most of them use Corel Painter, but some of them are staunch followers of Photoshop! Sometimes the reason they use Photoshop is because they don’t like moving from one program to another.
Some of them say that when using digital oil painting they don’t use a lot of brushes, so they can get everything they need from Photoshop. Some say they don’t want to buy two programs. And some claim that they like to draw a little, copy and paste a little, retouch a little, work a little with the “Groups” – just a little bit.

My friends who prefer Corel Painter are passionate about the natural, intuitive way to paint this program provides. We like a wide variety of brush styles, backgrounds, and the ability to mix colors, which you can choose depending on what we want to do.

We enjoy the fact that the process of drawing digital oil painting on canvas is not controlled by digital algorithms, and you can often change various parameters, getting the feeling that we are actually drawing. I feel freer in Corel Painter. I also draw in it faster.

My Photoshop files contain many layers. My Corel Painter files do not contain layers at all, but I usually save images in stages, eventually getting 3-4 different files at different stages of readiness.

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