Learn how to add snow to photos in Photoshop
Step 1 Open the "Cottage" image. Step 2 Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N) and fill it with white using the Fill tool. Step 3…

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Choosing the best background for your site
Communication with the audience Choose an image related to your business to make the visitor feel something positive and create an emotional connection with your brand. If you want to…

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How to use the Pen tool to precisely select
The Pen tool creates paths in the image by connecting multiple points. From the point of view of photographers, this tool is ideal as a way to cut a variety…

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16 best examples of website homepage design (part 2)

5) Dropbox (Business)

This is a striking example of providing site support for different audiences. It differs from the main page, which was originally created for the consumer (see above). Business users require more information, as well as additional confirmation that Dropbox (Business) is a safe and scalable solution for companies (Dropbox solves the perception problem directly on its home page);
Dropbox continues to use simple design and branding. It includes only what’s important: a large image with ad support and a “Try a free 30-day trial version” button that calls for action.
6) Whitehouse.gov

Creating a website that advocates for an entire nation is not an easy task. Whitehouse.gov is constantly changing to reflect major concerns and priorities. Testing and optimization is a key component of a brilliant homepage design;
What is especially remarkable about Whitehouse.gov is the difference from most government-related sites. It has a clean design and promotes community development;
It’s pretty easy to find what you are looking for when you are here. And if you cannot immediately find what you need, there is a convenient search field.
7) 4 Rivers Smokehouse


In combination with a large picture for the design of the site, the heading “BREAST. 18 years of craftsmanship. For your pleasure ”sounds tempting;
Scrolling through parallax will give you a brief presentation of services, menus and show people who have a great time – a wonderful use of the popular design trend.
8) Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services

The headline and subtitle address the emotional side of visitors: “Work with the company. It’s worth it. Trust us. We were there too. We will find you work where you can fully prove yourself. ”This offer is unique and compelling;
The heading is on a rotating carousel that takes into account the category of visitors, from job seekers to people looking for a therapist for their schools;
There are several ways for visitors to go to the page. But the prizes for action are well placed, formulated simply and contrast with the rest of the page.
9) Jill Konrath

The design is simple and goes straight to the point. From the title and subtitle it’s immediately clear what Jill Conrat does (and how it can help your business);
It also provides easy access to Jill’s analytical materials, which is important to establish her credibility as a keynote speaker;
It is easy to subscribe to the newsletter and establish contact – its two main calls to action;
Includes logos of news channels and reviews, as social recognition – all the rules for the design of the site are observed.
10) Evernote

Over the years, Evernote has evolved from a simple application that saves records into a set of tools for business. This is not always easy to convey on the home page, but Evernote has done a good job of compiling possible messages into several key benefits;
This homepage uses a combination of rich, subdued colors in the video, as well as captions of bright green and white to highlight them against the general background;
After a simple headline (“Remember Everything”), the gaze stops at the call to action “Register Free.”
11) Telerik by Progress

A “boring enterprise” is not a feeling that will arise when you go to the Telerik website. The company offers many technologies and products, uses bold colors, interesting designs and video with energy like Google. One of the important aspects is to create an atmosphere so that visitors feel welcome and know that they are dealing with real people;
I like the simple, high-level overview of the six product offerings. This is an absolutely understandable way to communicate what the company is doing;
Advertising is not serious and easy to read. They speak the language of their customers.
12) Boxbee

The title is a call to action aimed directly at the target audience: entrepreneurs working in the data storage industry;
The design of the main page of the site has a clean and simple design. He underlines the headline, and then immediately demonstrates the initial call to action;
This initial call to action stands out due to the contrasting color.
13) eWedding

For lovers planning an important day, eWedding is a great place to create a wedding site. The home page is not cluttered and includes only the necessary elements;
The subtitle “Over 800,000 Wedding Sites Created!” Is a great social proof;
It includes great product videos, a great title, and a compelling call to action that reduces doubt thanks to the text: “Build a website.”

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