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16 best examples of website homepage design (part 1)

1) The design of the home page clearly answers the question “Who am I?”, “What am I offering?” And / or “What can the user do here?”

If you represent a well-known brand (for example, Coca-Cola), you may get away with a lack of a description of who you are and what you do. But most companies must answer these questions so that every visitor knows that he is in the “right place”. If users within a few seconds can not understand what you are doing, for a long time they will not linger.

2) Resonance with the target audience

The main page should speak to the target audience in its language. The best website designs examples avoid “corporate abracadabra” and eliminate all unnecessary and distracting.

3) Report on a valuable offer

When a user looks at the main page, he needs to be forced to stay. It is the best place to express the meaning of your product or service in one sentence so that the user decides to stay on your site and does not go to competitors.

4) Usability

All design options discussed below are very convenient: they are easy to navigate, there are no “flashy” objects on them. For example, flash banners, animations, pop-ups, or overly complex and unnecessary elements. Many of them are also optimized for mobile devices, which is very important in modern conditions.

5) Includes a call to action (CTA element)

On each of the main page discussed below, primary and secondary calls to action are effectively used to direct visitors to the next logical step. For example, “Free Trial,” “Buy Now,” or “Learn More.”

Remember that the goal of the main page is to keep visitors on the site and guide them to the end of the conversion funnel. The CTA element tells them what to do next so that users do not experience shock and are not taken aback. More importantly, the CTA element turns the main page of a site into a selling or attracting potential customers.

6) is constantly changing

The best main pages are not always static. Some of them, like, are constantly changing according to the needs, problems and questions of users.

7) Uses excellent overall design

Well thought-out website design is the key to success in building user-trusting relationships with the brand, setting up communication with the target audience and promoting the conversion funnel. In essence, these main pages make good use of the placement of CTA elements, spaces, colors, fonts and other supporting elements.

Inspirational Web Design: The 16 Best Homepage Designs
1) FreshBooks

This design is brilliant because:
Easy to use. There is much debate about which home pages are better – short or long. If you choose the latter option, you should provide easy scrolling and reading. This page looks almost like a story;
The combination of colors and the positioning of the primary CTA elements were successfully used. When you go to the main page, it immediately becomes clear that the company wants to attract your attention;
Very tempting text on the CTA element: “Try it for free for 30 days”;
Spectacular subtitle: “For more than 5 million people using FreshBooks, sending invoices and tracking costs is no longer a problem.” This statement is attractive to the target audience because mastering accounting software is usually “painfully difficult” for freelancers and small business owners.
2) Airbnb

This design of the main page of the site is an impressive example: it greets visitors with full-screen video with beautiful frames, high resolution. She talks about travelers who spend time as if they were locals: they cook in the kitchen, they buy local cheeses. It looks very natural and authentic;
Right in the center of the main page is a search form with a destination and an arrival / departure date, which most visitors search for, directing users to the next logical step;
The search form is “smart”: it will automatically display the last search of the user, if he is authorized;
The main call to action (“Search”) contrasts with the background and stands out, and the secondary call to action is visible in the upper part.
3) Mint

This is a super simple design with a strong title and subtitle without slang;
The home page provides a safe but relaxed atmosphere, which is very important for a product that processes financial information;
It also contains a simple and compelling call to action: “Register for free.” The design of the CTA is also remarkable – the lock-shaped icon hits exactly the target, reporting security again.
4) Dropbox (Consumer)

The Dropbox homepage is an example of ultimate simplicity. The use of advertising and videos is limited, and the entire background space is combined;
From the static screenshot above it’s hard to understand, but this site design option attracts attention with its subtle use of fancy animation in graphics;

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