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How to create a simple web banner in Photoshop?

Let’s start with the finished banner. We have a basic example, the colors used in it soothe the eyes. It can be posted on a website dedicated to fashion and style, as well as for a personal blog. Follow the steps below:
Designing a simple web banner in Photoshop
Open a new document. Open in Photoshop a new document of the desired size:

new document
Draw a rectangle using the Rectangular Area tool. Before you make the HTML site header, create a rectangle of any color on a new layer:

Layer Style> Gradient Overlay. Click on the style and then apply the gradient:
Gradient Overlay Style
Brush shape selection. After applying a gradient to the rectangle and creating a new layer on top of it, create a shape selection. While holding down the CTRL key, click on the rectangle shape. Activate the brush and adjust its parameters, as shown in the figure below. Draw one side of the rectangle:

Brush shape, brush settings
Create a new layer. Create a new layer and select the Oval Tool. Change the selection settings and drag it onto the rectangle shape, as shown in the image below. Change the blending mode to “Overlap”, create two more duplicates of this selection:

Elliptical Selection Tool
Change the blending mode to Overlap. Before making a banner in the header of the HTML site, move the three duplicates created earlier and place them in the appropriate places. Change their blending mode to Overlap. Please note that they do not go beyond the bounds of the rectangle:

Elliptical figures
Use the brush to remove the extra areas, place these three layers in a group and click on the layer mask icon. Choose any brush size, but not very large. Set “Hardness” – 0%, “Opacity” – 10%. Draw the edges of these ellipses to blend them and reduce the opacity:
Brushes – developing a simple banner
Select the Horizontal Text tool and enter the header of the HTML site header. Enter the main banner caption, and then add additional information about the site:

Inscription on the banner
Create a new layer and create a shadow for the banner. Create a new layer, click the brush once in any place and set the shadow at the bottom of the web banner so that the transparency is 50 or 40%:

Shadow web banner
Create a new layer below the banner layer. Create a new layer below the banner layer, as shown in the figure below, and click once with a white brush, “Stiffness” – 0%. Then place this light area on the main banner and reduce the opacity of the layer to 70%:

Bright area
Put all the layers in a group. Then duplicate this group and change the color of the gradient. Change the gradient and banner caption as shown in the image below:

Simple banner
We have finished creating the HTML site header. Hope this article has been helpful to you.

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