Complete Web Animation Guide (part 5)
Step 96 Before you can make a brochure yourself, add four replacement paragraphs to the left of the temple picture. Use a smaller font size for them: Step 97 Remember…

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How to install Photoshop plugins
Launching the plugin installer Most Photoshop plugins now have an installer that automatically finds Photoshop plugin folders and installs the plugin. You should always try to run the installer first:…

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Complete Web Animation Guide (part 4)
Step 71 To make a brochure correctly, activate the Site Selection tool. Pressing and holding the left mouse button, circle the left part of the arrow to select its two…

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How to choose the right color scheme for the site? (part 4)

If so, then you have some experience, and you know that the selection of color schemes is not easy.
The color should be calm enough so that you can stay in the room for hours and the color does not put pressure on you. At the same time, you do not want the color to be boring, and the room looks like a hospital room.

Choosing a background color for your site is not much different than choosing a paint for your room!

How to choose the background color

If you choose paint for a modern clothing store and for a country house, would you choose the same color?
Obviously not. These two rooms serve for different purposes.

For example, for a clothing store, it is better to use bright colors to draw the attention of buyers to clothing racks. It is necessary that the color of the walls contrasts with the color of the shelves with clothes, and buyers, entering the store, immediately understand what to pay attention to.

And for comparison: when you come to your country house, you probably plan to relax. You want the color of the walls and the structure of the house to have a soothing and relaxing effect.

The background color of your site depends on what you want to draw users’ attention to.

Simply put, the background color directly depends on the goal that you pursue when creating the site.

Type 1 – Resources with a lot of content or e-commerce
Have you noticed that information resources and online stores often use white or neutral color schemes for the site?

This is all because the purpose of these resources is to promote ideas or products.
In such cases, the focus should be on products or services, not the site design. Background color is just the basis for making content more visual and readable.

For information resources and Internet commerce, it is best to use a light background, bright prevailing and auxiliary colors. The brightness of the prevailing and accent colors guarantees the uniqueness of the site, and allows you to highlight details. At the same time, the neutral background in the color scheme for the sales site helps the user to focus only on content or products.

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