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31 freeware graphics software (part 1)
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How to choose the right color scheme for the site? (part 3)

Step 2. In the upper left side you will see a rectangle with the following color schemes:


Choose a color scheme
Experiment with different color schemes to see which one is right for you. All colors offered by the program are well combined with each other.

Step 3. Make the color scheme even more thoughtful by moving one of the color indicators.

It is important not to move the short pointer in the middle so that your predominant color remains constant:
Move the pointers if you want to choose other complementary colors.
CMS and site designers allow you to insert color codes (HEX) to highlight any part of your site:
Copy the color codes (HEX) for your color scheme for the site.
Based on the photo you like
Sometimes it’s easier to look for color schemes on the Internet and be inspired by them.

You can load any photo you like into Adobe Color and the program will automatically generate a color scheme created on its basis.

Step 1. Upload a photo:
Click on the camera icon to upload an image.
Step 2. Choose one of five color moods:

Experiment with color moods to see which one is closer to you:
Choose a color mood.
Step 3. Make the color scheme even more thoughtful by moving one of the color pointers in the image:
Move the pointers if you want to choose other complementary colors.
Step 4. The proposed color palette is located below the image. Here’s how to choose a color scheme for your web design.

To see the color codes (HEX), click on the color wheel located in the upper right corner:
Click on the color wheel to see color codes:

Copy color codes (HEX) for your color scheme.
Where to place auxiliary colors

Details of the site highlighted in auxiliary colors are not the main accents. But they stand out anyway. For example, subtitles, additional buttons, dialog boxes, fill the background, etc. can be selected with auxiliary colors.

Choose one or two complementary colors. If there are more, it will be difficult for users to focus on one thing:
Where to use auxiliary colors on your site?
Active menu button;
Highlighting background information.
Background color selection
Have you ever had to paint walls in your home?

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