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How to choose the right color scheme for the site? (part 1)

If I ask you to think about Coca-Cola, what will come to mind first? Most likely, a red Coca-Cola logo will pop up in your imagination:
It is quite difficult to think about this drink, and not associate it with red. Red is so strongly associated with the brand that it is as important as the famous drink itself.
Red in the color scheme carries two important messages:

Bright red labels stand out against the rest on soda-pop shelves.
Each color evokes certain emotions. When we see red, we have a subconscious level of a feeling of excitement, love and passion. It is these feelings that Coca-Cola wants to evoke with its drinks:

If you choose the right color scheme for your site, you will not only make it visually attractive, but also create a memorable brand.
85% of buyers admit that the main reason for buying a product was its color.

Brand awareness is increased by 80% when using color.

3 steps to use colors correctly on your site
When developing a website design you need:

Choose the prevailing color for your brand;
Choose several accent colors to create a color scheme;
Select a background color to create a finished design.
1. The choice of the prevailing color
Your brand’s predominant color is red, like Coca-Cola? It will help evoke the necessary emotions in the visitors of the resource, it provokes a feeling of excitement, love and passion in people.

This color is the first thing that people should think of when they think about your company. If you already have a logo, make sure that it contains the primary color of your brand.

How to choose the right color
Large companies do not accidentally choose a particular color scheme for the site. This is a conscious choice that is part of branding and marketing.

Each color attracts its own group of customers, and may even affect their choice:
Red-orange, black and bright blue attract impulsive shoppers. Such color schemes can often be found in fast food chains, clothing stores and on cheap sales.
Dark blue and turquoise attract buyers with a limited amount of money. These colors can be found in banks and large department stores.

Raspberry, azure and pink attract classic shoppers. Distributed in clothing stores.

To attract the customers you need, use combinations of different colors.

We have specially created visual infographics for the selection of color schemes, so that it is easier for you to choose the prevailing color for your brand:
What color to use for your site?
Green represents wealth, health, tranquility and nature. This color is most easily perceived by the eyes and, as a result, relaxes. Green color is in second place among the most beloved for both men and women.

Yellow is a symbol of youth, optimism and cheerfulness. Often used to attract attention. Yellow can also cause stress, so use it in small amounts.

Orange is associated with friendliness, enthusiasm and creativity. Stimulates activity in people. For example, encourages you to buy a product or subscribe to a newsletter. This color attracts impulsive buyers.

Red symbolizes passion, excitement, energy and danger. Often used to create an urgent need for a purchase in people’s perceptions. It causes strong emotional reactions. In restaurants it is used for raising appetite.

Pink is feminine, sweet, innocent, and romantic. Often used in offering private services and goods for girls and women.

Violet is a symbol of greatness, wealth, success and wisdom. Often present in cosmetics. Affects people soothingly.

Blue is an indicator of reliability, security, stability, peace and tranquility. Often used by banks and large companies. The blue color is most pleasing to both men and women.

Gray in the color scheme represents neutrality, simplicity, calmness and logic. It is associated with technology, production, accuracy, control, competence and even experience.

Black is the color of influence, luxury, experience and elegance. Often used to promote luxury products and is associated with professionalism, strength and accuracy.

Are your target audience young and energetic customers? Or more experienced people with solid earnings? Is your product (service) more targeted at men or women? Is it suitable only for a certain age group?

Not every color is suitable to represent your business. For example, if you sell yoga mats, purple (wealth and grandeur) and black (strength and luxury) are not the best options. Green (health, peace), gray (simplicity, peace), blue (peace, peace), or maybe even red (passion, energy) will suit you.

The difference in color perception of men and women
Who is your site primarily targeted at, men or women? Or maybe on those and others?

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