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How to install Photoshop plugins
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Create a shop theme for handmade products in Photoshop (part 2)

Step 6
It’s time to create a catchy title for your website layout design. Use the large and bold font Source Sans Pro and write a short title. I used Source Sans Pro (black color), size – 70, tracking – 160:
Step 7
You have attracted the attention of the user, now you need to add a second message and a call to action. To keep the design consistent, I used Source Serif Pro (regular) font size 28 for the subtitle and second search button.

Pay attention to the indentation that I used. Always leave enough space around the elements so that they are better perceived and look more organized. If you look closely, you can see that the text layers are closer to each other. This is due to the law of distribution of Gestalt.

“In accordance with the law of distribution, the psd elements of the site layout that are next to each other seem to be grouped”

Building trust
We have created a “welcome new customer” or header area. After we attracted the attention of visitors and interested them, it was time to show them a few more advantages that our store can offer.

Step 1
Since the top area of ​​our site is designed in a minimalist style, we will maintain the same clarity and aesthetics of simplicity for the rest of the layout.

Below we will place a headline that should interest visitors, and a brief description that will further stimulate them. I used the Source Sans Pro font (bold), size 24 in dark gray # 282723. Be sure to leave enough free space above the heading to fit the top area.

Visually, the description should be less saturated and immediately perceived as a secondary element. In the site layout, I used the font Source Serif Pro (regular), size 16 gray #adadad:
Step 2
One effective way to build trust is to use attractive, high-quality images. Take the time to take good photos of your products.

Select the Rectangle Tool (U) and draw a shape. After that, drag the product photo into Photoshop, place it on the rectangle and create a clipping mask. Resize the image if necessary by pressing Ctrl + T:
Place a rectangle between the first and second vertical guides, since at the very beginning we defined equal areas for the images of goods.
Step 3
For simplicity, in the HTML layout of the site, we will provide only basic information about the product, including the name and price.

Select the Source Serif Pro font used for the title section, and enter the name in a darker gray color. After that, use a light gray tint for the price, as it is secondary information and does not require too much visual accent. Remember that store items such as headers, call-to-action buttons, and description blocks should be centered:
Step 4
Now put all the product layers in one group and duplicate them by pressing Ctrl + J. Place the copies between the previously defined vertical guides, leaving free space between them:
Step 5
We are finished with the “Trending” section, which presents three products. Now create a small separator to break the layout into sections. I used the Line tool (U), the width is 1 px, the color is light gray # E6E6E6 so that the line is not too saturated.

Hint: By holding down the Shift key, you can easily draw a perfectly horizontal line.

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Create a shop theme for handmade products in Photoshop (part 2)
Step 6 It's time to create a catchy title for your website layout design. Use the large and bold font Source Sans Pro and write a short title. I used…