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How to create sunburst in Photoshop

The sunburst figure shown in the figure below is often used in the design of icons, screensavers, and user interface elements for games and applications.
Arcade Angry Gran Run uses sunburst in the icon of the game, as well as in dialog boxes within the game. I also used this shape when creating icons for Spooky Planet.
In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a sunburst using distortion filters in Adobe Photoshop.

Let’s start by choosing the colors for the background. Then we use these colors and apply a linear gradient. Then we will learn how to use the Wave filter to create vertical stripes from a gradient fill.

In the end, we will apply another Photoshop filter – Polar coordinates. Let’s start!

Step 1
Then select the Gradient Tool (G) in the toolbar. Set the foreground and background colors using the Eyedropper tool. Select the shades you want to use for the sunburst you are creating. I used the following colors (values ​​are in RGB format):

Foreground – 428C9C.

Background – 1C4B61.

Step 2
Make sure the Linear Gradient tool is selected, draw a vertical downward gradient.

Tip: hold down the Shift key so that the direction is accurate.

Below are the settings for the Linear Gradient tool and Photoshop document after applying the gradient:
Vertical gradient fill
3. Create stripes
To create bands, go to Filter -> Distort -> Wave (Filter -> Distort -> Wave). This filter will create sinusoidal, triangular or square waves depending on the selected settings. Below are the settings that I used.
Wave Filter Settings

4. Creating the effect of sunlight
In the last step, we will create a sunburst consisting of the stripes that we got in the previous step. To do this, go to the Filters -> Distortion -> Polar Coordinates menu (Filter -> Distort -> Polar Coordinates). The Polar Coordinates filter converts the selected area from rectangular to polar coordinates and vice versa, depending on the option selected.

In our case, select the Rectangular to Polar option, and you’re done!
Convert rectangular coordinates to polar to create a sunburst
Finished image
The following shows what the background we created looks like:
The finished image of the solar background

I hope you enjoyed this article. You can experiment with colors to create beautiful effects in the form of sunshine. You can use various textures for this.

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