How to make a person in a photo smiling using the Photoshop filter "Plastic"
Learn how to quickly add a smile to your photo using Photoshop and its Plastic filter. Guide for Photoshop CC. Face Repair tool is available only in the latest versions…

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How to choose the right color scheme for the site? (part 3)
Step 2. In the upper left side you will see a rectangle with the following color schemes: Sequential; Monochrome Triangular; Complementary; Compound Shades. Choose a color scheme Experiment with different…

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Choosing the best background for your site
Communication with the audience Choose an image related to your business to make the visitor feel something positive and create an emotional connection with your brand. If you want to…

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31 freeware graphics software (part 3)

22. – a web application for creating interactive infographics.
Infographics is a new way of visual presentation of data, which is developing rapidly. is the best program for creating and publishing interactive infographics:
This is a social platform for creating and publishing infographics, which allows you to interact with other users and share interactive visual presentations with them.
23. – create infographics and visual diagrams online
Another powerful interactive tool for creating stunning visual presentations and infographics. Using, you can create infographics, charts, and other visual representations with three simple steps: select a template, visualize the data, and then publish it.

You can also select free graphics from a collection containing more than 30 types of interactive diagrams.

24. – creating and publishing visual ideas online
Another powerful tool for creating infographics. Even if you do not know how to create infographics, all you need to do is go to the site, select a template and get started:
As part of this service, a huge number of graphic forms and objects are presented, as well as infographic templates with which you can create and publish visual presentations online.
25. – visualize your resume online
A personalized tool that allows you to create and visualize a resume with one click. All this is available for free.
With over 500,000 projects already created, is the No. 1 service for creating resumes. It contains more powerful tools to help you create a resume.

Other graphic design software
26. Favicon Generator – Free Favicon Generator
This tool is a free favicon generator that allows you to create favicon icons for your site. Just upload the file and click the “Generate” button.

27. ColorPic – selection of colors on a desktop computer
ColorPic is a free color picker for your monitor. It allows you to capture color palettes up to 16 colors at a time. You can also use an advanced mixer to mix four colors.

28. Fast Stone Image Viewer – a tool for viewing, editing and batch convert photos
This graphics program for artists supports advanced features such as red-eye removal, color adjustment, photo viewing, emailing, cropping, etc.

Fast Stone Image Viewer is another powerful functional tool for viewing, editing and batch converting photos.

29. Pixel Toolbox – Design for Windows
The Pixel Toolbox is a powerful tool designed to create impressive graphics for Windows. Create, edit, and apply 1-bit patterns, wallpapers, icons, and cursor icons — all with a single tool.

30. Prezi – A Free Presentation Program
Powerful free software that allows you to create, edit and use presentations remotely from anywhere. It is available for desktops, smartphones and tablets. There is also integration with a cloud service that extends the functionality of the program.

New Free Graphic Design Software
31. Canva – an amazingly simple program for graphic design
This is a free web application that allows you to design almost anything. Simple drag-and-drop functions make it so easy that you don’t have to be a designer to create stunning graphics.

Using the services and programs for graphic design discussed above, it’s very easy to get started! Wish you all the best!

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